The Poky Dot
1111 Fairmont Ave
Fairmont, WV 26554



Have an insatiable sweet tooth? Have a piece of Gwen's special recipe cheesecakes! These phenomenal cakes are the secret to Poky Dot's unwavering reputation for the Best Desserts on the planet! From Chocolate Wishes to creamy fruit dreams we have the cake to top off your dinner! Too full; take a piece home to enjoy later.

Cheesecake isn't the only dessert we have to sooth your taste buds. Have a deep, towering glass of our famous homemade milkshakes from our classic and original milkshake mixer. (Make it malt by request!) Don't forget to ask for an extra cherry to float in the mountain of whipped topping piled thick on top! Want a little fizz in your life? Try our nostalgic ice cream floats and don't miss the cool collar of froth that comes with it!

Of course, we also have our classics; favorites from the booths of the Fabulous 50's! Sink your forks into banana split pie, Oreo cookie cake, and blackberry cobbler just to name a few. Plain Jane; have an ice cream sundae…Marvin and Martha's favorite!

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